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David Tennant narrates Kinect Sports Rivals (x)

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David Tennant having a special moment with David Tennant. 


David Tennant having a special moment with David Tennant. 

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The Twelve Davids of Christmas (7/12)

Six Davids with Glasses

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"Where is that gorgeous picture of him in all the military gear from?"

oh man, you mean this one?

sorry to break it to you, nonnie, but that is a photoshopped picture.

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"Hey I assume you're watching Broadchurch too. It's so good, who do you think did it?"

Oh man, don’t hate me Nonny, but no I actually haven’t seen it. It’s on my list though since I’ve heard very good things about it!


Oh Miller we’ve got them! 1x04

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Exactly what the title says. This is a blog dedicated to the super foxy David Tennant wearing glasses.

Let it be known that I do NOT make any of the pictures or gifs unless specifically credited. If I use something of yours and would like it taken down or credited, a simple ask and I will take care of that!